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Cotopaxi climbing ecuador North Iliniza 5126 m. / 16,818 ft.
North Ilinza two-day ascent
Cotopaxi climbing ecuador North Iliniza 5126 m. / 16,818 ft.
North Ilinza two-day ascent
Cotopaxi climbing ecuador North Iliniza 5126 m. / 16,818 ft.
North Ilinza two-day ascent
Cotopaxi climbing ecuador North Iliniza 5126 m. / 16,818 ft.
North Ilinza two-day ascent
Cotopaxi climbing ecuador North Iliniza 5126 m. / 16,818 ft.
North Ilinza two-day ascent
Cotopaxi climbing ecuador North Iliniza 5126 m. / 16,818 ft.
North Iliniza two-day ascent

North Iliniza 5126 m. / 16,818 ft.

Ilinizas is a stratovolcano located 55 km south of Quito. They are a couple of peaks separated by a saddle of 1 km of distance from each other. Iliniza sur (South) at 5248 m / 17,218 ft. is slightly shorter than its southern counterpart (South) of 5305 m / 16,818 ft.

Ilinizas are excellent acclimatization peaks and are frequently used as a preparatory climb to higher peaks in Ecuador.

There is a basic hut localized between both peaks and can be reached in three hours from the car park named “La Virgen” al 4000 m. The mountain hut has a permanent guard.

ILINIZA NORTE NORTH ILINIZA Apart for being a “classic” in terms of acclimatisation, Iliniza Norte offers an incredible mountain environment, great view from the top, and for those seeking a little bit of mountaineering this is an unforgettable ascent without climbing higher peaks.

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    Eight highest mountain of Ecuador.
    Easy scrambling on rock in a couple of sections.
    Great views of Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Antisana and Chimborazo in the distance.
    Good first objective above 5.000 m /16,400 ft.
    One of the best high elevation training mountains.
    All year around climbing.

Private transportation.
Entrance fees
All meals while in the mountain.
Professional mountain guide ASEGUIM/UIAGM for every two climbers.
Technical mountain gear such as ropes, ascenders, etc.
Accommodations at mountain huts

Meals in cities.
Additional transportation.
Personal mountaineering gear.
Sleeping bag.
Accommodations in cities.
Additional activities.

Physical Conditions






Technical Conditions





Hikes usually extend from four to six hours on a path at times not well marked with one or two delicate steps where a safety rope will be necessary. It is mandatory very good physical condition.
Duration:  2 days.
Access: Drive up to the parking area and then hike for 2-3 hours up to the mountain hut.
Pre-requisites: Hiking experience
Accommodation: Mountain hut (4750 m / 15,580 ft)



Climbable year-round

Suggested combinations

North Iliniza is a non-technical and very enjoyable climb which is a great preparation peak for higher volcanoes. It is proven that gradual progress at higher altitudes and adequate rest at lower elevation has been the key to safety, success and enjoyment of mountaineering. Below we recommend some mountains that are essential for optimal acclimatisation.


Pasochoa 4200 mts. / 13,776 ft.
Guagua Pichincha 4780 mts. / 15,678 ft.


If you are looking for a different trip, we would love to help you creating a plan that meets your requirements. Please do not hesitate to ask. For more information contact us at:
Recommended packing list

Large size backpack

Day pack (hiking)

Comfortable hiking shoes

Climbing harness

Climbing helmet

1 locking carabiner

Sleeping bag


Ski googles

Sunscreen (50 or more protection factor)

Plastic water bottle


Headlamp (and spare batteries)


Wool socks

Hiking trousers

Gore-Tex trousers

Wind and snow shell-type parka

Light to medium weight insulated parka (down or synthetic)

Wool sweater or fleece jacket

Wool or fleece cap

Gore-Tex gloves

Polypro gloves

PERSONAL first aid kit and personal medication


Lip balm

You will need a sleeping bag for the huts (there are mattresses), and additional camping supplies if you will climb Antisana, Sangay or Altar (equipment is often included in our prices, but please double check). Most technical and group equipment, such as: ropes, ascenders, snow pickets, ice screws, etc., will be provided if you travel with our guides.

NOTES ON THE ITINERARY: Although we do our best to adhere to the schedule listed above, the day-by-day activities and camping locations listed on this itinerary are subject to change for numerous reasons beyond our control including group pace, acclimatization, weather, trail, on road conditions and/or water availability at the campsites according to the time of the year. Hiking distances and altitudes are approximate, and times indicated are net hiking or driving times that do not include lunch breaks, rest stops, time to explore the area, etc. This program is suitable for physically fit participants accustomed to outdoor activities. Contact Us.


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