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Cotopaxi climbing ecuadorAvenue Of The Volcanoes
Andes of Ecuador Mountain Climbing Expedition
Cotopaxi climbing ecuador Ecuador Glacier School
Climb Cayambe volcano in 6 days.
Cotopaxi climbing ecuador Ecuador Climbing Special
Climb best Ecuador´s volcanoes in a few days.
Cotopaxi climbing ecuador Volcanoes of Ecuador
Climb Cotopaxi volcano in 6 days. More details...
Cotopaxi climbing ecuador Climbing in Ecuador with experienced guides
Climb Cayambe volcano in 6 days. More details...
Cotopaxi climbing ecuador Mountain climbing in Ecuador
Climb Cayambe volcano in 6 days.More details...

Why Sun and Snow?

The passion for mountaineering began many years ago and our professional activity dates back from 1994. Unlike many others, we have been there. Many years of experience leads to a principle: Commitment to quality and safety.
In the same way, our team is made up of the best mountain guides in Ecuador. Every single one of our guides are accredited through the ASEGUIM and several of them have international certifications through the UIAGM / IFMGA. Apart from their extensive experience in Ecuador, many of them leads expeditions in Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, even in the Himalayas.
Despite of that experience we focus is Ecuador becoming the true experts in our country. Our guides are a fundamental part of Sun and Snow, they understand and share the same principles of mountaineering. The quality in our services and extensive years of experience are the main difference between us and our competitors.

Why Ecuador?

With an area of 270.670 square kilometers, comparable in size to the United Kingdom or the state of Colorado, Ecuador is the fourth smallest country in South America.
Ecuador is strategically located in the north-west of South America and is crossed by the equator line. Besides, there are several ecosystems such as: Pacific Coast, Amazon Rain Forest, Galápagos, Cloud Forest and the Andes.
These environmental factors makes Ecuador, despite its small surface area, one of the most bio diverse countries in the world.
Because of the Andes, its volcanism, high mountains and glaciers, Ecuador is one of the best places for hiking and mountaineering.

Mountain Climbing in Ecuador

Perched high in the Cordillera of the Andes between the Amazon and the Pacific Ocean, Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America, yet it contains an astonishing variety of physical extremes, with towering mountains, immense tracts of green, ice, water, fire and extended areas of cultivation.
The mountains of Ecuador are divided into two separate ranges and are dominated by several volcanoes, the Lords of the Andes; these brooding giants are a source of mystery to the Indigenous who live in their foothills.
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Trekking in Ecuador

Ecuador's Sierra, or highlands, is an ideal destination for a trekking adventure. The region is scattered with beautiful azure lakes, groves of quishuar trees and interesting Andean communities, all nestled beneath the icy summits of the country's highest volcanos.
Designed for active travelers, these trips provide a superb overview of the Ecuadorian highlands, highlighting the fascinating natural and cultural wonders of the northern Andes.
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Leisure & Travel

Sun and Snow, in addition to its extensive experience in the Andean region, has expanded its horizons by offering additional adventures in various regions of Ecuador, maintaining the same quality.The enchanted islands of Galapagos, lodges in the Amazon or perhaps an experience of nature in the cloud forest are the perfect complement to any of our adventure programs.

Climbing in Ecuador


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